About Nwell

Shenzhen Nwell Paper Co., Ltd.  , consistently meets the needs of our global customers with high performance papers for the printing, packaging and technical specialty markets ,with over 10 years experience and development ,Nwell paper becomes one of the leading  specialty paper supplier  in China .  We offer a wide range of printing & packaging  papers , white or coloured with a wide choice of structures (machine finish, smooth, laid, felt marked, embossed). Such as :Fine texture paper for making cards ,Laid paper for printing ,Watermarked paper for private protection, Black/Blue/Red paper for covers and brochures , Brown/ White Kraft paper for luxury shopping bags , Inkjet photo paper for pictures, Embossed color paper , Leather paper for boxes ,Metallic paper for luxury cards and envelopes ,Gold/Silver paper etc. Combining industrial management, research & development, creativity and reactivity, we offer original, innovative solutions much appreciated by our renowned customers in many different fields . “Excel in client service” is the first sentence of the mission statement and we stick to it without compromise.

Every day, we invent the future of paper in china.


Add: 1/F, Block A, Farda Industry Park, Junxin Road Guanlan Street Baoan District Shenzhen China

Zip: 518110

Tel: +86-755-8320 7318 / 8328 5508

Fax: +86-755-8323 6065

Email: info@nwellpaper.com

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