The Embossed Paper Technical Specifications

Paper Type:                           Embossed paper

Use:                                           Printing and packaging

Coating:                                  Uncoated

Compatible Printing:          Inkjet Printing

Feature:                                  Moisture Proof

Pulp Material:                      Wood Pulp

Pulp Style:                             Recycled

Pulping Type:                       Chemical-Mechanical Pulp

Place of Origin:                    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Product name:                      Embossed paper

Pattern:                                   Elegant and fashionable

Product Name:                      Embossed Paper Card

Product Keywords:              Embossed paper

More Keywords:                    Linen embossed paper,embossed invitation paper



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Textured Paper

Textured paper is also called as embossed paper ,it’s a popular way to increase the paper’s taste by adding different texture patterns . We can see those textured paper everywhere , such as : Linen paper ,Leather paper ,Hammer paper ,Column paper ,etc .

More and more people are choosing textured paper during the writting , pulishing ,printing ,etc . Most of the name card ,Invitation card ,Cover ,are textured which can make the presentation more unique.

We’ve been producing textured paper ,textured card in the past 8 years ,we supplied to UK,Germany ,USA,etc . We have more than 100 patterns for your chooice .We can make your own pattern according the sample you gave us .




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