Metallic Paper

Metallic paper is called as Gold & Slive paper because gold & silver are the most popular colors in metallic paper ,there are also some other colors like blue ,green ,purple ,etc . It’s made by some kind of coatting . It is popular for cover binding , craft using ,etc .You can see them in all kinds of wine box .  There are various colors ,grammage (thickness ) ,also it can be made to lots of emboss patterns (textured ) including linen ,leather ,column ,etc to make the paper much more creative . The laser effect and hologram effect are also popular in the past years . Any special requirement ,you can come to us and we will help you to solve it .

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Pearl Paper

Pearl paper ,also called as pearlescent paper ,pearly paper ,pearlized paper  has became the most popular fine paper/speciality paper in the world . You can find them easily now in your life , such as the box when you want buy a watch , the magazine in the Benz’s shop when you want a rest there , the tags when you buy a cloth like CK,etc . Those beautiful creative papers has changed our lives to more colourful and more elegant by emitting sparks of sparkle and shine from their smooth, rigid  surface.

Deep metallic and light metallic colors dance through this line offering options for laser printing in printers that handle heavy cardstock. Crisp cutting and deep fold memory grace the line, making spectacular cardstock one which will enhance your projects far beyond everyday cardstock.

We make them in single side or both side shining for different application , different grammage ,different colors ,different size are all available on your decision . We are careful on everything step during our paper making ,coating ,cutting ,packing because we know the market in the past 10 years ,we know the designer ,printer ,craft user’s requirement .

You can use our pearl paper for  Announcements, Birth Announcements , Booklets , Brochure Covers, Business Cards, Card Making ,Covers ,Embellishments ,Greeting Cards ,Hang Tags, Invitations, Menus, Packaging , Place Setting Cards , Scrapbooking,  Wedding Place Cards,etc .

Our pearl paper can be used for Commercial Printing ,Die Cutting , Embossing , Engraving , Flexographic ,  Foil Stamping , Folding , Letterpress , Offset Lithography , Perfect Binding , Saddle Stitching , Scoring , Sheet-Fed Offset , Stamping , Thermography ,etc .

Beautify your life by our beautiful pearl paper ,come to get it and feel it !

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