Premium Coated Paper

Premium coated paper is called super fine coated paper ,touched paper ,etc .  It is totally different with the coated art paper , the surface is micro coated which make the paper has great effect for printing ,the picuture will be much more real and it’s comfortable for eye’s reading . It’s more and more widely used for all kinds of high class printing for better presentation ,such as Catalog ,Brochures ,Tag, Publishing ,Cards,etc .

The base paper is made by 100% virgin wood pulp ,it remains the original grain and texture in the paper surface without pressing. After the high skill miro coating ,the paper looks more elegant , soft for eyes’s catching. It’s also excellent feelling like velvet when you touch it ,that’s why they called it as touched paper .

Hot embossed patterns can be made on the surface to make the paper much more unique . Welcome to have a visit to us ,enjoy selectting all kinds of fine paper from us !


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