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2013.1.7 :The global paper industry will achieve average annual growth rate of 6% in the next five years, and  the output value will reach $ 255 billion by 2017.

2013.1.8:Vietnam will implement a new printing of packaging materials standard in early April.

2013.1.9:The United Arab Emirates(UAE) is the Middle East paper and paperboard import and export center.

2013.1.10:The global pulp and paper market will be in a weak state in 2013.

2013.1.11:The world’s largest pulp production line has been put into operation in Brazil.

2013.1.17:Traditional printing business showed a reduction trend in the United Kingdom.

2013.1.18:In November 2012, Brazil corrugated board sales grew 3.24%, to 291,000 tons.

2013.1.24:German printing industry sales in 2012 increased by 1.5%.

2013.1.27:It is said that the Japan Ryobi acquired the Japanese Mitsubishi presses.

2013.1.29:Global printing equipment market is expected to reach $ 21.2 billion in 2015.

2013.1.30:In the print-on-demand market, the United States and Russia will achieve rapid growth in the next five years.

2013.1.31:The global printing industry output value will reach $ 725 billion in 2014.

2013.2.28:In January 2013, the European ports of wood pulp inventories fell.

2013.3.2:Digital printing market saturation.

2013.3.16:Brazilian pulp production decreased in March 2013.

2013.3.19:European 995/2010/EU Ordinance of wood and wood products in the EU implemented aimed at preventing illegal sources of timber entering the market last week.

2013.3.26:ASEAN has become the main market of inorganic substances coated paper in china.

2013.4.9:Japanese household paper imports rise significantly in 2012.

2013.4.16:Swedish paper pulp slightly increased in 2012 .

2013.4.18:The Indonesian printing mill plant continued to increase in production capacity to seize the label market.

2013.5.7:The Asia-Pacific region inkjet printing market value of $ 7.4 billion in 2017.

2013.5.13:U.S. commercial printing shipments fell in 2013.

2013.5.25:A quarter of the global large-format printer market is shrinking.

2013.7.01:Growing global printing industry output value will reach 440 billion euros 2015.

2014.4.03:Asian markets fell newsprint prices.

2014.4.04:In 2013, China’s largest timber imports places in New Zealand.

2014.4.06:Newsprint prices in the Asian market was sustained downward trend.

2014.4.06:Japanese paper and paperboard volume growth in the domestic market.