Watermark Paper

Watermark paper is one of security paper , when you hold the paper against the light ,you can see the watermark logo in the paper which is the key to make your documents secure because the watermark can’t not be copied when they try to copy the documents through copiers . This is how we made the watermark logo : A private watermark is your custom design embedded in the paper during the papermaking process when a dandy roll presses your design into the wet paper web. The paper at this point is about 85% water; therefore fibers can be shifted without changing the character or strength of the sheet.As the sheet dries, your mark becomes permanent, adding security and personality to your paper.

Anytime when you want your own watermark paper no matter you need thousands sheets or tons ,we are here to help you to creat the value by securing your brand . Come to see our hundreds of different watermark logs we’ve made for the government ,banks ,famous brand, personally , of course you can only see it at our showroom because it’s security paper !

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